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Thank you for stopping by! We are Harv, Julian, and Dazai. We write about Motivation, Self-help, & Overcoming Depression. The Problem We are living in the most peaceful time in human history. We have the privilege of abundance and freedom, and yet there seems to...

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2 Steps To Find Meaning In Your Life

A lot of people I know want to find meaning in their life. In this article we will talk about 2 steps to find meaning in your life. I know a guy I work with a long time ago. We ate lunch together, and after our meal, he would stare blankly out in the distance. After about a minute or so of silence, I’d ask him what was wrong. He will usually respond with, “I don’t know what to do with my life.” I wouldn’t say anything because back then I didn’t know what to say. A cliche answer would be to tell him to find his passion, which brings us to the first step.

1st Stop Trying To Find Your Passion

Looking for your passion is a paradox. If you have to find it, then it is not your passion. When you love something, you will do it anyway. If you hate something, you will stay away from it. When you neither love it nor hate it, you will tolerate it.

If you ask me how to find your passion, I will have no Idea. What I can positively say is that you need to try a lot of things before you realize what you really love doing because you can never tell if you have very few samples to compare it with.

My father grew up with parents working on the farm. He did not want to end up a farmer so he went away to do other stuff. He originally wanted to become a ship captain; however, he ended up working at a non-government organization on a national level. I grew up knowing him to travel all around the country for months on end. Once or twice a year he would come back home and tell us stories about the places he’s been and the things he did there. He did a lot of things. However, of all the things he’d done, he realized that it was farming that was his true calling. Now, he has a small farm back home.


If you like to read about it here is a related article: My time in the farm brought me back to life.


Like my father, I tried to learn so many things. I learned how to play soccer, drawing, painting, making floor plans, calligraphy, lettering, parkour, free diving, poetry, video gaming, video editing, and building websites yet here I am- writing. I’m not very good at it, but I love doing it. This is why writing is my passion. Sure I’ve written some short story in my younger years but I never really thought I will be doing it as much as I like doing it right now.

Screw those people saying you can’t do this or that. The only one who can decide what you will and will not do is you. So take it from me, learn as much stuff as you possibly can. Along the way, you will realize that your passion found you a long time ago.

2nd Monetize Your Passion

I’ll come clean. I lied about the 2 steps because there is no second step. If you are doing your passion, life is bearable. However, one of the biggest hindrance of us not pursuing our passion is because of priorities. We need to eat and pay bills after all.

Once when I was still in high school, I told my parents that I wanted to be a comedian. Right, and I wasn’t even funny. So my mother told me, like any sane mother would, to find a better profession. One that can feed me for the rest of my life. Then if I am fed, I can become a comedian on the side. Good comedians nowadays earn so much more compared back then. It was a practical advice, and I think it was good advice.

If you have finally realized what your passion is, you will have to choose. The first option is to find a job that pays the bills and do your passion on the side. The second option is to monetize your passion. There is no wrong option. Each of the two is perfectly viable.

There is not much to be said if you choose the first option. It is as straight forward as it gets. It is also a more comfortable option.

The second option is a challenge. You will need to find your Ikigai. In Japanese, Ikigai means “a reason for being.” It is the thing that you love doing, you are good at it, the world needs it, and more importantly, you get paid doing it. You will need to find a way to make money doing what you love.

In my case, being a comedian is not really my passion. I may just have said it to unsettle my parents. You should have seen their faces. My passion is writing. I am now blogging, and if the gods allow it, I will be able to support myself with this blog.


I have been direct to the point in this article. I don’t particularly love long lists so I hope this two-ish steps helped you to realize your passion and somehow monetize that passion or support it with your current job. Write your comments below. Maybe you’ve realized your passion. Perhaps you haven’t. Either way, keep on learning.

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