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2 Steps To Find Meaning In Your Life

A lot of people I know want to find meaning in their life. In this article we will talk about 2 steps to find meaning in your life. I know a guy I work with a long time ago. We ate lunch together, and after our meal, he would stare blankly out in the distance. Read More


Do we need conflict?

V2 Rocket In World War II, the Germans were years ahead of everyone else in technology. They focused effort in science and engineering that they developed a rocket known as the V2. It’s purpose? To bring death and destruction to allied cities. The V2 rocket became the first man-made object to travel into space and Read More


How I Fought My Depression And Won

Depression I had depression before it was cool. Not sure when exactly was the time depression exploded into an epidemic but I was depressed before I even knew what it really meant. I fought it and would you believe it if I tell you that I won over my depression? You see one of the Read More


People Are Like Candles

People are like candles. Somehow I thought that the true worth of a candle is measured by how long it can hold the flame. It turns out I’m wrong. The real value of a candle is how much room it can light up. You see, I grew up in a small provincial town. Our place Read More