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Social Media: The Shell Of The Experience

The world, at least the one I live in, is consuming the shell of the experience. I know you have scrolled through hundreds of thousands of images, statuses, OOTDs, and many more things on your feed. You might have been like me who after looking at those fantastic photos asked myself if I am living Read More


How I Fought My Depression And Won

Depression I had depression before it was cool. Not sure when exactly was the time depression exploded into an epidemic but I was depressed before I even knew what it really meant. I fought it and would you believe it if I tell you that I won over my depression? You see one of the Read More


Death’s Contribution To Life

We asked ourselves if death ever had some good effect to our lives. On this post we each had our death’s contribution to life statement. Harv The concept of death has relentlessly and constantly pushed me find my purpose. I get caught up with these thoughts at random times and I think about how I Read More


My Time In The Farm Brought Me Back To Life

When I was younger I did not particularly love working in the farm. It is hard work and I always go home with splinters and wounds. Who would ever thought that my time in the farm brought me back to life.  Death I thought I died. Not the physical one, but the part of me Read More


The Earliest Memories of Death

It is quite interesting when we explore and talk about the earliest memories we have about death. Most don’t think about the first time they knew death. On this article we delved into our very first memories of death.  Julian My earliest memories of death was when I was about 5-6 years old. My mother Read More